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Rhyno Feed mill is conveniently located in Castleisland and is strategically placed to service the farmers of Kerry, Cork and Limerick.

William H.O’Connor, a local man who had been working in Africa, returned to Castleisland in the early years of the century. The mill itself was owned by a consortium of Tralee and Cork businessmen who had purchased and then closed it down for many years, believing it would affect it would affect their milling interests in nearby Tralee. “W.H O’Connor, millers, merchants, drapers, outfitters and importers” had been formed in 1919, but it was not until 1926 that W.H O’Connor finally decided to re-open the mill as an animal feed manufacturing plant. He had considered opening a wollen mill, but , being a far-seeing man, he made the prudent decision to open an animal feed mill and became widely regarded as a pioneer in this field. He chose the company name, Rhyno, and old English word meaning “money”.He developed his business form his headquarters in The Kingdom House, and quickly established a progressive and modern mill. He died on the 1st of January 1949 and was succeeded by his sons, Sean, Liam and Hugh. Today, the company is run by his grandsons, Paudie, William and Joe.

Quality Control

It all starts before we buy our raw materials. Rhyno deals with approved suppliers only who will provide conformity, consistency and reliability of product.

Our buyer regularly visits main suppliers to check on product, storage and handling facilities and is in constant contact with the market. Buyer expertise ensures Rhyno sources the highest quality raw materials at the most economic prices and our strict quality control procedures enable us to trace raw materials all the way back to the place of origin.

All incoming raw materials are initially checked for physical quality. The whole load is checked using representative sample points. General cleanliness and hygiene are essential pre-requisites for all hauliers approved to transport Rhyno raw materials. Once the raw materials have passed out initial quality check, they are then subjected to further analysis for protein, oil, fibre and ash. Large numbers of samples are tested to provide cost effective, total quality assurance for our customers.

Along, with the farmer, we are involved in the first stage of the food chain. We recognise this responsibility and all our staff are committed to the quest for total quality tractability.


Having passed our physical and analytical checks the raw materials are then formulated into Rhyno Quality Feeds.
Expertise in animal nutrition comes from research and experience.
Experienced personnel and the most up to date hardware and software allows Rhyno to formulate rations that balance biological efficiency with profitable performance.


Our formulation recipies are manufacturing in our modern computerised milling facilities. Over the years Rhyno had built up an enviable reputation for product quality and performance.
Our mill complies with strict hygiene standards involving regular internal cleaning and hygiene analysis, as set out under the ISO 9001 Quality System. Our mill is capable of producing high volumes of top quality feed on demand at peak season, ensuring prompt delivery of fresh products. Continuous investment in our mill ensures Rhyno is at the forefront of milling technology for the new millenium.

In conjuction with the ISO 9001 quality system, HACCP techniques are used in Rhyno Mills (HACCP-Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points), to ensure that potential hazards in the manufacturing process are identified. Every load of finished feed is tested for durability and hardness before leaving the mill.


As a responsible animal feed manufacturing company, Rhyno is committed to protecting the environment. We are duty bound by the EPA ( Environment Protection Agency), noise and dust levels are continually monitored at the mill ensuring that our products and process have minimal impact on the environment.


We recognise that our delivery service has to be second to none. Ongoing investment means that we maintain a modern, cost effective fleet of vehicles. The average length of service of our drivers is ten years. Their understanding of farmers (many of them are from a farming background), and farm feeding systems are a valuable source of feedback to our business.

Hygiene is a vital part of our delivery service and Rhyno policy is for every vehicle to be washed inside and out. Rhyno operates its own internal strict code of practice as well as complying with those of ISO 9001.

ISO international Organisation for Standardiastion

The ISO is the international Organisation for Standardisation- it is a world -wide federation of national standard bodies. The ISO 9001 Quality System is a model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.

The Major objectives in this Quality System are:
To ensure that all products leave out premises in good condition and on time
To avoid the potential for defective finished product, late delivery and subsequent customer complaints.
Provide assurance to customers that all their needs are being met.
To improve motivation and ensure that all employees aree involved in the quality system.

The benefits of implementing this quality system are:
A quality product and service
Improved employee satisfaction
Better internal controls - which will lead to increased productivity
Value for money

There are 19 requirements within the ISO 9001 standards, and most important of these within Rhyno Mills are:
Management Responsibility
Product Identification and Tracebility
Process Control
Handling, Storage and Delivery

The quality system is managed and maintained through an effective Management Review and internal Auditing Process. Management and employees are committed to maintenance and development of the Quality System, for the benefit of Rhyno Mills and Its customers.

Rhyno Mills have always had a strong commitment to customer services and quality. This was rewarded lately when Rhyno Mills achieved the international ISO 9001 Quality Systems Management Award. Rhyno Mills is one of the few Feed Mills in the country and the first in Kerry to achieve this International Standard.

Having ISO 9001 System for Quality Management in place gives Rhyno Mills better control over its operations and shows our customers that we are fully committed to continuous improvements in order to aciieve and provide quality products and service.

"Rhyno Mills is renowned for the production of high quality feed for dairy cows, beef cattle, calves and sheep."


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